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Shero Shuttering Ply

Shuttering Plywood

SHERO Film Faced Shuttering Plywood is an ideal replacement to conventional wooden or metal shuttering and formworks. It is the premium choice for superior architectural finish.

SHERO Film Faced Shuttering Plywood with high solid content in resin gives the necessary strength for heavy wear and tear during the concrete pouring. Shuttering jobs for construction projects call for plywood that can take a great amount of load. SHERO Film Faced Shuttering plywood is the true choice for all your architectural supports.

SHERO Film Faced Shuttering plywood resists alternative wetting & drying conditions and is very economical when we consider its reuse value. Manufactured as per the IS 4990 specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards, they have high tensile strength and resistance to withstand the loads and forces encountered during the pouring of concrete and vibrations. Only selected hardwood timber is used in the manufacture of SHERO Film Faced Shuttering Plywood. They can be used for all kinds of shuttering and centering work in construction of buildings, dams, bridges, beams and roofing.

SHERO Shuttering plywood is also available in Resin Coated variants for lighter shuttering works which are also manufactured as per the IS 4990 standards of Bureau of Indian Standards.

Mechanical Strength Properties
Modulus of Rupture (Kg/cm2) 9mm 12mm 19mm
Parallel to face grain 650 600 600
Perpendicular to face grain 450 500 500
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2)
Parallel to face grain 425 400 375
Perpendicular to face grain 325 350 375